Company Overview

ROVPR Offshore Services, One of the largest companies in the Middle East and North African Regions, ROVPR Offshore Services Group is providing its own offshore personnel. Our success story began in 1993 when ROVPR Offshore Services team was started to work in Red Sea specialized in inspection operations and offshore oil services. We have greatly expanded our operations and global footprint while accruing an enviable client base. Together with our professional team: ROVPR Offshore Services inspection engineers, survey team in diving projects, ROV projects and pipe lay projects, we have become a force to be reckoned with, in our field; a reputation for excellence, efficiency and enthusiasm that is second to none.
Management of our activities in Asia, UK, Europe, Arab Gulf, Mediterranean, West Africa, Caspian Sea and Red sea is handled by ROVPR Offshore Services Main office in Egypt. While management of Arabian Gulf, India and Far East activities is run by ROVPR Offshore Services.

Our Mission Statement
ROVPR Offshore Services’s mission is to be acknowledged as the preferred offshore oil services to our clients, our employees and investors. Our aim is to surpass our competitors in terms of the diversity of services offered, qualified team, certified and expertise. We consider it imperative that such services are embarked with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and dedication, with the safety of individuals and the protection of the environment being our uppermost priority.

Our strategies

  • Continuous growth in regards to our employees, by investing in the calculated expansion of team
  • Attract, recruit and retain highly qualified managers and personnel
  • Enhance our customers’ profitability by consistently providing high quality, cost effective products and services and offering dynamic and integrated solutions through our combined segments
  • Strive to generate a superior return to our shareholders through growth and continuous improvement
  • Adopt policies to enhance the safety and security of our employees
  • Establish environment friendly working procedures

Core values
Over the years, ROVPR Offshore Services has built a platinum reputation based on partnership, commitment and integrity. We strive for perfection through innovative solutions and integrated service.
Partnership: we consider our clients and employees and our partners in delivering the highest standard of cost effective solutions
Commitment: honoring our commitment and responsibilities is an undiscounted fact
Integrity: we conduct our business to the highest ethical standards and transparency

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